Unique IT Security Solutions

Isidore Technologies operates in San Francisco Bay, California, offers B2B solutions that are subscription-based. Established in 2013, we cater to solutions to secure your networks, applications, and infrastructure. Through a layered approach, we provide one-of-a-kind IT security solutions.

Isidore Technologies
Isidore Technologies


Our layered approach to security includes all attack points.

  • Web

  • Cloud

  • Network

  • Device

  • Physical

  • Email

  • Identity

At Isidore Technologies, we also integrated a Zero Trust approach to secure your networks, applications, and infrastructure. We have a unique security solution powered by Cisco that can secure organizations of any size and industry, and you can:

  • Standardize your security policies.
  • Secure your remote workers.
  • Protect your data.
Isidore Technologies


The ability to collaborate with your staff, customers, and vendors can help differentiate your business and make you more competitive. Sending that important email, making a video call, servicing your customers are among everyday tasks that companies of all sizes perform daily. Our approach is to enable your workforce to do this from any location or using any device. With us, you can:

  • Securely allow communication through the following means with your staff, customers, and vendors from any device.

    • Message
    • Call
    • Meet
    • Share
    • Enable video

  • Access company data from any location and device.

  • Provide full capabilities to remote workers.

Isidore Technologies

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our backup and disaster recovery services can backup all of your business data, restore and access in the event of any unforeseen event.

  • Backup all our business data from your emails to servers.
  • Restore your data for any reason (human error, hardware problem, or malware).
  • Maintain full operations during unforeseen events such as power outages and hardware failures.